Maynooth Emergency There to help you in case of emergencies!

Imagine you panic and suddenly don't remember how to call the Garda…
Imagine you are in shock and don't remember allergies or medications you are on…
Imagine you have an accident and suddenly can't speak...

  • “Panic screen”

    The first tab shows a big red button with the emergency number 112. If you are on iPhone, click to dial it.
    Even if you can't dial the number, it's still there to remind you in case you ever forget it.

  • List of helplines, GPs, etc.

    The second tab contains a comprehensive list of national help lines, such as the Poison Information Centre or Women's Aid Helpline.
    It also lists all the GPs, Pharmacies, dentists and opticians in Maynooth.

  • Detailed information for each entry

    Each entry contains a brief description, contact information, opening hours, a small picture of the place, web links, etc.

  • Store your own patient information

    Store your own details, such as address, blood type, emergency contacts, allergies, medication your on, medical conditions etc.
    This is particularly useful if you are unconscious, can't speak or if your memory goes blank in a state of shock.

Version History

Version 1.0 now available Jun 28th 2011

Having passed Apple's thorough review process, the app is now available for download in the App Store!

Submission to App Store Jun 12th 2011

After extensive testing, the app has been submitted to the App Store. Fingers crossed it goes through quickly!

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